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Olivia Hudak

Avid boater and Barletta Boats team member, Olivia is no stranger to the water. She was on the MSU wake team through college and continues to to ride the wake in her spare time.

By: Olivia Hudak
June 16th, 2022

Recreational boating has become increasingly popular in the last handful of years. More first-time boaters entered the lifestyle than ever before when Covid forced everyone to isolate themselves.  Boating is a way to spend time with your family doing something fun and adventurous while being shielded from public spaces.

By: Olivia Hudak
June 8th, 2022

Warm summer weather is finally here after what felt like a never-ending winter. Like everyone else, I’ve been dying to get out on the boat. I don’t know about you but one of my favorite times to go for a boat cruise is right around sunset. You get all the beautiful scenery without the intense heat of the day. 

By: Olivia Hudak
June 2nd, 2022

In the sea of boats that are on the market today, there’s one steadfast feature that you can find with just about any brand.  This component is essential for owners of recreational vessels no matter where they boat and plays a big role in comfortability as well as the aesthetic of the boat.

By: Olivia Hudak
May 19th, 2022

Boating isn’t always the same for everyone. Some people choose to boat on inland lakes whereas other people choose to boat on Intracoastal waterways. Granted, it likely depends on where you live. Boating can be quite different between the two so it's important to be prepared if you’re not familiar. 

By: Olivia Hudak
May 11th, 2022

It’s nearly impossible to keep your boat completely dry. At some point, you will likely get at least a little bit of water pooling in the bottom of the boat. It could be from rain, spray from waves, or even jumping on your boat after a swim. Any of those things can cause water to gather in the hull.

By: Olivia Hudak
May 5th, 2022

Are you thinking about purchasing a new boat but wondering where it’ll live if you choose to leave it in the water? Depending on where you boat, you may need to consider a boat lift.

By: Olivia Hudak
April 28th, 2022

Summer fun is only a few weeks away. Everyone is itching to get out on the boat after, what seemed like, a never-ending winter. We’re all ready for long warm, sunny days on the water. You’re starting to prepare for summer which makes you think, “I need a new hat”. But, how will you choose the perfect one for this boating season?

By: Olivia Hudak
April 22nd, 2022

The days are starting to get warmer and the sun is shining for longer hours during the day. That’s right, summer is just around the corner for all of us. For everyone preparing to enjoy a boat, it’s, by far, the best time of the year. 

By: Olivia Hudak
April 14th, 2022

One of the most necessary items you need to have with you on your boat are sunglasses. When the water starts reflecting the sun, you’ll be in trouble without them. But, what kind of sunglasses are the best for boating?