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Mauris purus urna, dictum non cursus et, congue et felis. Suspendisse porttitor mi et eros luctus suscipit.

Olivia Hudak

Avid boater and Barletta Boats team member, Olivia is no stranger to the water. She was on the MSU wake team through college and continues to ride the wake in her spare time.

By: Olivia Hudak
February 2nd, 2023

If you’re familiar with buying recreational boats, you know that some pontoon brands have many (oftentimes, too many) options when it comes to floorplans that they offer.

By: Olivia Hudak
January 30th, 2023

If you’ve been shopping for a new pontoon, you might have run across the ALL-NEW Barletta Aria series. Described as the first step into luxury, this model is perfect for those looking for a price-conscious option without sacrificing great quality. The Barletta Aria could be the perfect boat for you and your family this upcoming boat season.

By: Olivia Hudak
January 18th, 2023

It’s time to get more women behind the wheel of their boats. More than ever before, women are learning how to safely operate a boat. There’s no reason to rely on your husband to be the captain, get behind the wheel, and learn how to do it yourself. 

By: Olivia Hudak
January 9th, 2023

Boating has never been so easy yet so difficult as it is with the boats we see today. Let me break down what that means. Boats are simpler than ever to drive and maneuver because of the updates in technology in recent years. Although boats are “easy” to drive, there are more innovations and systems on board than ever before as well.

By: Olivia Hudak
December 28th, 2022

Are you looking for the ultimate boat show guide? Look no further as this article will answer all your questions related to boat shows. As show season rolls around again, we’ve got the answers you might be looking for. Follow this article to learn all you need to know about boat shows before you shop.

By: Olivia Hudak
December 15th, 2022

Boat show season is here and in full force. Boat shows take place all over the country and likely, there’s one taking place not too far from you. If you’re in the market for a new boat in the near future, it may be worth a trip to your local boat show to explore your options. 

By: Olivia Hudak
November 28th, 2022

North Carolina is known to have a little bit of southern charm to it. It’s known for its small towns and hometown feel. What better place to visit when looking for an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle? North Carolina is full of hidden gems so be sure to research things to do before heading to the tar-heel state. 

By: Olivia Hudak
November 11th, 2022

Wisconsin is a gorgeous state full of wildlife and untouched land. It is so full of history, there’s a museum everywhere you turn showing off the area’s story of how it came to be. Part of the history surrounding the state has to do with how the majority of the lakes within the state were formed by glaciers hundreds of years ago.

By: Olivia Hudak
November 9th, 2022

Texas is full of attractions and different ways to explore the vast landscape. You can visit the capital which is Austin, TX, and explore the city. You can head to the country to check out a rodeo or maybe you’ll find your way to one of the beautiful lakes. There’s something for everyone while visiting Texas. 

By: Olivia Hudak
November 4th, 2022

Boating has always been a popular pastime. However, more recently it has caught the attention of millions of people. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, people flocked to lakes. It was a perfect way to escape the days of being stuck at home. Quarantining outdoors on a boat was much more doable than being stuck indoors at home for days at a time.