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Discover Barletta

Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I find my nearest dealer?

    Who do I contact for warranty repairs and what is the warranty on my Barletta Pontoon Boat?

    How can I get a brochure?

    Can I buy boat parts and accessories from Barletta?

    Where can I obtain an owner’s manual for my boat?

    Is there a Barletta owners’ group?

    Can I buy a boat directly through Barletta?

    Where can I buy a trailer for my Barletta?

    Where can I order Barletta apparel and gear?

    Can I take a tour of the Barletta factory?

    Where can I find manuals for Hertz, Simrad, and Hook?

    How do I use my Bimini properly?

    What size Yeti fits into the cooler storage?

    My boat doesn’t have fender baskets like the other Barletta boats I see? Can I order those for my boat? What size fender do they hold?

    How to install Barletta flagpole?

    Does the RGB control the underwater lights and below deck (side) lights or are they white all the time?

    Does the USB station on the helm connect to the stereo AND charge or just connect to the radio?

    Octane Fuel for Engines

    Lift/Trailer Setup

    How to clean the interior and exterior of your Barletta?

    Should I turn off the battery disconnect every time I’m done using my Barletta?

    If MPH gauge isn’t working, what should I do?

    Depth finder isn’t working, what should I do? Why does my depth finder not work in shallow water?

    Weight capacity of ski-tow bar

    What does docking mode mean?

    How do I locate my HIN number?

    How do I clean the exterior of my Barletta? What cleaners are safe to use?

    What steps do I need to take in order to use my Barletta in saltwater? (the boat is NOT a Coastal Edition to begin with)

    Sealegs mounting place and length

    Boatlift layout – what boatlift is best? Should the lift be placed under the toons or under the deck?

    How do I charge my batteries?

    Why does my fuel gauge bounce?

    Weight limit on boarding ladder?

    How do I turn on the satellite radio on?

    Bimini stalls when going up what should I do?

    How can I adjust my pet bowl from being loose?

    What prop is right for my boat?

    How does the bilge pump work?

    Where can I get the Barletta flag pole kit? What size flag fits on the flag pole?

    Maintenance for Mercury Engine

    Maintenance for Yamaha Engine

    What is the transfer button near the throttle for?