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Olivia Hudak

By: Olivia Hudak on May 9th, 2023

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How to Pick Your Barletta Exterior Colors

Deciding on what brand and type of boat you want can be a daunting task. With the many boat manufacturers that exist today, it’s not always easy to know which is best for you. If you’ve done your research and narrowed down the boat you want to buy, there are a few details you still have to work out.


For more reasons than one, we’re going to focus on Barletta in this article. The goal Barletta has had since the beginning is to make the ordering process easy. Part of that is we didn’t want you to be overwhelmed with a million different options, colors, and designs. 


We want our boats to be the easy choice when looking at all of these brands. With that, choosing the color of the boat is one choice we don’t want to choose for you. Though, we do limit the number of choices available to keep the colors elegant and luxurious to match the rest of our boat.


How do you pick the perfect colors to go with your perfect boat? This is a big decision when ordering a boat from the factory, so Barletta has kept the choices to a minimum. Keep reading to learn how to pick the perfect exterior colors to go along with your dream boat. 


What Are Barletta’s Color Options?

Barletta has eight color options for the railskin. Though not every series comes with this list of color options. As for the Reserve, two exterior color choices are available. This is simply because the exterior of the Reserve is fiberglass, so it is much different from the other Barletta's. 


You may be wondering what exactly I’m referring to when I say railskin. The railskin on a Barletta refers to the aluminum exterior of the boat. This is the rail system that sits above the deck. The railskin can be the color(s) you choose for your boat.


Beyond the railskin, on the Lusso, Corsa, and Cabrio models, there is a sweep color and an accent color. The sweep color refers to the larger, more prominent color on the rail. The accent color is the smaller color on the rail. Plan your colors accordingly.


Excluding the Reserve series, here are the colors that are offered in all of the other Barletta series. 


  1. Black Diamond
  2. Gray Moonstone
  3. Blue Sapphire
  4. White Opal
  5. Champagne
  6. Red Garnet
  7. Matte Black
  8. Pacific Matte Blue


These colors keep the choices limited with enough variation for everyone. When designing the exterior of your Barletta, make sure to check out each of these colors. Who knows, maybe an unsuspecting color will catch your attention.


You are also able to choose between anodized silver rails or blackout rails. These are the rails that run across the sides of the boat to separate colors and provide a skeleton for the boat. Depending on your railskin color, you may choose silver or blackout rails. 


A great way to see images of these exterior colors is to explore all of the series galleries.  Although you may only be shopping for a Lusso, check out the Corsa and Cabrio galleries for images of different color combinations and options. 


We can’t possibly photograph every single-color combination in just one series, so shopping color choices between all of the series should have you just about covered.  


Reserve Color Options

Since the Reserve is in a category of its own with the fiberglass exterior, the above color choices do not pertain to this series. The Reserve is the most luxurious pontoon yet so of course it needs color options that complement the rest of the boat.


Here are the fiberglass color options for the Barletta Reserve:

Reserve blueReserve grey

                           1. Prismatic Blue                                                                    2. Anthracite Charcoal


Though there are not many color choices with the Reserve, these options are elegant, innovative, and stunning just like every other feature of the boat. Between these two beautiful colors, you’ll be able to decide which is a better fit for your next boat. 


What Style?

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself when picking out the perfect exterior color for your boat is; what style are you going for? Do you prefer simple colors, or do you want to stand out on the water? Do you like the brighter colors or something a little darker in color?


Asking yourself these questions will help guide you to a decision about the exterior color of your new boat. With the color options offered by Barletta, there is something for everyone. The style you prefer will determine what color is best for you.


You could choose to have a bright boat that stands out on the water with the Pacific Matte Blue or Red Garnet. If bright colors aren’t your favorite, there are simpler color options as well. You could choose to go with the classic Opal White or Black Diamond. Plus, there are many options in between.


Engine Color

Barletta has two different engine brands to choose from. You can either choose to go with a Mercury Motor or a Yamaha Motor. Most of these engines are found in colors you typically see. The exception is any motor on the Reserve because it is color matched to the boat.


For all other Barletta series, Mercury Motors are only offered in black. The occasional white Mercury motor is sometimes available depending on supply. As for Yamaha Motors, these are typically offered in Black and Grey. 


And of course, the Reserve is in a category of its own. Since the boat is offered in two different exterior colors, those are your choices for the engine. Whichever exterior color you go with, the motor will match. This feature adds to the luxuriousness of this boat. 



What Series of Barletta?

Whether you are choosing a single railskin color or two railskin colors will be based on which series you are purchasing. The Aria and the Reserve are two series that have one exterior color, the rest offer two color choices. 


Now, granted the Reserve doesn’t have a railskin, but instead the fiberglass exterior. Regardless, the exterior of the boat is a single color, so you’ll only have to make one decision.


The Aria is only offered with a single railskin color. The reason the Aria series is offered with a single railskin color is because of how the rails themselves are designed. The boat looks elegant and luxurious with the single-color option. 


As for the Cabrio, Corsa, and Lusso series, you can pick two railskin colors. You can pick the railskin sweep color and a railskin accent. The sweep is the larger area, and the accent is the middle color.


This allows you to mix and match between all of the color choices that Baletta offers.  For example, a popular mix would be to have a white opal sweep color with a black accent color.

Lusso colors


Do the Colors Flow?

When designing your dream boat, you’ll need to make sure the interior color of your boat flows with the exterior color of your boat. You can choose whatever you want for these colors, but you may want to listen to the experts about suggested color combos.


Also, if the boat you’re ordering is a Cabrio, Corsa, or Lusso, you will need to make sure the railskin color and the railskin accent work well together. I don’t recommend designing a luxurious Barletta with a Pacific Matte Blue railskin color and a Red Garnet railskin accent. 


These color combinations may not look great together, however, if it’s your style, go for it. Take into consideration suggestions from the salesperson you are working with at a local Barletta dealer. They can let you know what looks the best together and lead you in the right direction.


These colors allow you to customize your boat. Design a boat that flows together as you like, and you’ll be happy with the end product. If you decide a year from now you don’t love it, you can always upgrade to a new boat


Design Your Dream Boat

In the end, choosing the colors of the exterior and interior of your new boat should be a fun task. The exterior of your boat will be what is seen by everyone else on the water so it’s important you feel confident in your choice. Whether you want subtle colors or brighter colors, make the boat your own.


Soon enough, you’ll be out on the water in your new Barletta boat that is designed specifically for you. A day will never be wasted on the water when you spend it in your dream boat.



About Olivia Hudak

Avid boater and Barletta Boats team member, Olivia is no stranger to the water. She was on the MSU wake team through college and continues to ride the wake in her spare time.