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Ashley Lizzi

By: Ashley Lizzi on January 27th, 2023

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The Difference Between Barletta Series: Reserve, Lusso, Corsa, Cabrio, and Aria

As a new boater, Joe has just started his journey from renting a boat yearly to buying one of his own.  After easing into the lifestyle, he’s confident that this is something he and his family will want to keep doing throughout their lifetime.  


He’s comfortable behind the wheel, has a slip on the water, and is aware of all the care and maintenance that comes along with boat ownership.  Where does Joe start?  Luckily it’s January which means it’s boat show season.


Joe looks up his nearest boat show, buys the entire family a ticket, and makes a day of it.   The big shows can be overwhelming but luckily Joe has done his research and narrowed down the type of boat he’s looking for.  


As he looks over the sea of boats, Joe spots the pontoon bimini tops and arches and heads in that direction.  He has found the Barletta display and is pulled in by the look and feel of these boats.


The question now is, which series, or class, should he consider purchasing.  If you’re like Joe, maybe you’ve come across the Barletta brand at a show or a nearby dealership or online, but are unsure which series is right for you.


I’m going to break down the five series which are the Reserve, Lusso, Corsa, Cabrio, and Aria to help you make an informed buying decision when shopping for a Barletta pontoon boat.  Before we get into that, here’s a glimpse of how the brand came to be. 

The Golden Thread

Barletta Boat Company was founded out of the desire to create a pontoon boat manufacturer that would change the industry and shake things up.  Former president & founder   Bill Fenech noticed that there was space for a boat builder that could not only produce a high-end product but also support their customers as if they were family.


As a life-long boater and long-time pontoon boat owner, he had been in search of something greater than what the market was offering.  This thought combined with his experience in manufacturing brought him to the decision to create just that.


In 2017, Barletta Boat Company was born after a production facility became available in Bristol, Indiana.  From the start, it encompassed the highest quality materials, thoughtful features that come standard, the best customer service, and the top dealer network in the industry.


Bill wouldn’t have it any other way so he built a team that matches his passion to be the best and treat everyone who owns a Barletta as if they’re a part of this family.  I am lucky enough to be a part of the Barletta family and can attest to this first-hand.


With these principles in place, Barletta wraps its arms around each series, the brand is intentional in every way.  I say this because it’s important to understand that each class embodies the golden thread that makes Barletta unique from others in the industry.   


Here’s a quick comparison for reference before we get into the details.  BMW is a luxury vehicle brand that carries its essence through each model they build.  Among their many sedans, they offer a 2 series, 3 series, 5 series, 7 series, and 8 series.  Think of the Barletta classes, or series, in the same way.  It’s that simple, so let’s take a look at what each series offers.  

Barletta Reserve 

New for the 2023 model year, Barlettta launched the Reserve.  Deemed the intersection of fantasy and reality, this series has changed the entire pontoon boat game.  The aesthetic is futuristic and the attention to detail is awe-inspiring.  Donning the robust Barletta chassis, the ride is unlike any other in its class. 


The flagship series for Barletta, the Reserve stands alone as the most striking boat among any pontoon brand.  The hardware throughout is yacht-inspired and the Barletta DNA is found in every corner.


Loaded with high-end features, this is the boat dreams are made of.  From the articulating top with sunroof to the air conditioning built right into the helm to the glass panel dashboard controls, you have to see this boat to believe it. 


For a personal shopping experience, contact the Reserve Concierge at Barletta Boats.



Barletta Lusso  

The first boat to ever come out of the Barletta factory is the Lusso, formerly called the L Class.  This boat was the culmination of the hopes Bill had for changing the marine industry.  Out of the gates, it is the most robust, seaworthy pontoon on the market. In fact, the first-ever L-Class pontoon boat won the prestigious NMMA “Most Innovative Pontoon Brand” at its public debut in 2018.


The construction of these boats generated the initial buzz around the brand due to the over-built, heavy frame which is made of double I-beam cross members, heavy-duty M brackets, and top-end materials.     


Adding to that, other features such as VIP Technology™, reinforced toons, and heavy-duty nose cones, just to name a few, contribute to the reputation that Barletta offers the smoothest, quietest ride of any pontoon brand.  The construction coupled with the thoughtful design and floorplans launched Lusso into a category of its own.  


Talk about the wow factor, the design and interior match the robust construction as every inch of the Lusso has a high-end feel that you don’t find in other brands.  The seats are soft to the touch, the steering wheel is adorned in Italian leather, and the rails are crafted to match that of luxury car brands like Bentley.


The Lusso series changed the entire game, not just for pontoon manufacturers but for the marine industry as a whole.  It established Barletta as the top brand and set the tone for each series that came after it.  The Lusso breathed life into the luxury pontoon boat segment by introducing what would become the infamous Barletta DNA.  


All five series have adopted that DNA and are built with the same thoughtfulness and strength that the Lusso brought to the table.  Within each series, you will find that Barletta is a step above its counterparts in the market.  



Barletta Corsa

The Corsa series was launched for the 2021 model year.  It sits comfortably in the price segment between Cabrio and Lusso.  The Corsa is the answer to those who want a sleeker look without having to shop at higher price points.    


The design was crafted to have a sporty edge inside and out.  To do this, lead designer Josiah Drukenmiller created the look using aggressive lines, bold interior color choices, and edgy-touches such as the ultra-chic helm. 


When this series was created, it was yet another attempt at making sure Barletta covered all bases of the market so that there was something for every shopper.  To say that it went over well is an understatement.


Over the years, pontoons didn’t necessarily have a reputation that appealed to the younger crowd, such as wakeboarding boats do.  The Corsa breaks through that stigma and is not just your grandparent’s slow-cruiser.  Finally, there is a pontoon boat on the market that the more modern, youthful shoppers could see themselves in. 


When Barletta paired the look and feel of a sports car on water with the infamous DNA, this series took the industry by storm.  The heavy-duty Barletta construction, tons of standard features, and convenience items built-in only fueled the fire that led Corsa to instant success.  


If you’re looking for a sharp-looking, comfortable, well-built boat the Corsa is your answer.  It will keep heads turning and you’ll be the life of the party among your friends on the water.    



Barletta Cabrio

The Cabrio, formerly the C Class, was created in August of 2019 for the 2020 model year.  As the Barletta brand started to soar, they identified a need for a series that covered a large part of what the market was asking for.  


The Cabrio was Barletta’s entry point into the market and offers everything that makes Barletta great, in a more palatable price segment.  It’s their way of offering something for everyone who is shopping for a pontoon.  Now it sits just a step above the all new Aria.


What’s remarkable are the standard features that the Cabrio offers.  For instance, this class includes a power bimini which is unheard of for most brands’ entry-level options.  But again, the Cabrio is in the Barletta family, and therefore, it’s not your typical entry-level boat.  


Remember my reference to BMW?  Just the same, Barletta is a luxury brand with multiple levels.  This is where the DNA comes into play as it does in all of the series.  The Cabrio also has tons of thoughtful standard features, stylish exteriors, heavy-duty construction, a first-class customer experience, and thoughtful floorplans, just to name a few of the high points.  


The floorplans offered within this series are plentiful.  If you’re looking for a fishing pontoon, Cabrio has you covered.  This line also offers the beloved Ultra-Lounge, Quad-Lounge, and Ultra-Entertainer floorplans.  


There is something for everyone within the Cabrio line and will soon become your family’s favorite staycation.  



Barletta Aria

Launched for the 2023 model year is the Aria series which falls directly under the Cabrio’s price point.  Once again, Barletta saw a need in the pontoon market for this tier and crafted an entire series to meet the demands. 


From the floor down, the Aria construction is the same as the Cabrio construction.  The rail design and the helm were also modeled off of the Cabrio line with the main difference being only one exterior panel color instead of a mix of two colors as offered in the other series.


Some of the other differences you will find within the Aria series is that there’s one interior color option and two floorplan options.  The floorplans offered are the Quad-Lounge and the Ultra-Lounge, both with co-captain’s chairs.  These are available in 20 and 22 lengths. 


This series still includes the Barletta DNA throughout with pet-friendly features, a rattle-free ride, power bimini, soft-touch furniture, and many more convenient amenities rarely found at this price point. 

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Comparisons between the Reserve, Lusso, Corsa, Cabrio, Aria

After diving into each series, I hope you have a better understanding of which series will meet your needs and help you craft your on-water experience.  Now that you know what each class is composed of, let’s look at what sets them apart from one another.


Interior Look and Feel 

The interior of the Reserve has taken luxury to a new level.  As the flagship brand, our designers felt that when you step onto a Reserve, you should feel the extravagance that was built into every inch.


The highest grade furniture is paired with yacht-style hardware for an experience that transcends you into a new boating experience.  This is one you have to see to believe.  


When you step onto a Lusso, you will notice that there was no expense spared in creating the most plush and detailed interior of any pontoon out there.  The soft fabrics are paired with detailed quilting and hand-sewn stitching for an ultra-luxurious finish.  


The Corsa interior was approached from a different angle and was crafted with a modern and sporty aesthetic in mind.  The vinyl used is less soft and supple than that of the Lusso but rather consists of harder angles and textured accents.  These details pop with the use of brightly-colored stitching which carries through in the furniture design.  


When creating the interior design for the Cabrio, the design team took cues from the Lusso and incorporated the soft palate but with noticeably less detail when compared side by side.  Thoughtfully placed accents and subtle edges leave you with a high-end look without the high-end price tag. 


The interior of the Aria stuns within its class.  Price conscious does not mean lacking style when it comes to Barletta.  The aesthetic of this series was designed to fit in and round-off the Barletta lineup.  



In comparing the five series, there’s a noticeable difference when it comes to each helm.  The helm on the Reserve is something of a futuristic concept.  Most of the controls are displayed on a glass touch screen on the dashboard.  The gauges light up with the Reserve signature when the engine is turned on.


Another stand-out feature at the helm is the battery switch located in arm-distance near the ignition.  To top it off, this helm has a vent for air conditioning which is a standard feature on the Reserve.  


The Reserve helm offers an experience that no other pontoon on the market does.  Much of the inspiration was spawned from Barletta’s first series, the Lusso.  


The Lusso helm is donned with luxurious finishes following suit with the rest of the interior.  It stands out immediately because of its upholstered top that has matching accent colors and topstitching.


The Corsa helm, although the same design shape as the Lusso, doesn’t share the same finishes.  Rather it is clean, sporty, and modern.  Think chic minimalist and you’ll get the picture.  You might be sensing a theme, and you’d be correct.  The helms were designed to flow with the look and feel of the boat’s interior.


That brings us to the Cabrio helm which follows the same concept.  This helm has everything a boater needs without the extras.  A differentiator for this price point is the raised helm which gives the captain more visibility behind the wheel and an elevated eye appeal.


The helm on the Aria consists of everything a boater needs plus a few extras that make this series the top of its class.  It comes standard with a Lowrance fishfinder/chart plotter with the option to upgrade to a Simard.


This series also has a radio, cell phone holder with USB charger, beautiful Barletta gauges, stainless steel switches, and a captain’s chair that swivels and slides forward and backward.  The helm is not raised but it still holds the beloved Barletta pet dish built in.


Within all five classes, each helm shares features that put Barletta on the map such as ultra-comfortable captain’s chairs and extra leg room.  You will also find a wrap-around, ergonomic feel that hugs the captain and has easy access to instruments such as the radio, phone charger, and electronic controls.  



When talking about the helm, one of the main components that vary between series is the electronics.  For example, the Reserve’s electronics are controlled on the glass touch screen found on the dashboard.


Top-end Simrad chartplotter, RGB lighting, articulating sunroof, the list goes on.  There’s no shortage of bells and whistles in the Reserve series.  The Lusso isn’t far behind and goes above and beyond with the electronics offered as well.  


The Lusso has a 7’’ Simrad unit built into the helm standard.  The Simrad has multiple different functions and is a brand that’s typically found on yachts and deep-sea vessels.  It’s a step above the chart plotters and fish finders one would typically find on a pontoon boat.  


This feature is optional on the Corsa, Cabrio, and Aria series.  In its place, you will find a Lowrance Hook 5 on the Corsa and Cabrio and a Lowrance Hook 4 on the Aria.  Both are reliable and popular choices among pontoon brands throughout the industry.


In the same sense, each series has a great marine sound system that will give off enough sound for any sandbar party.  To take it up a notch, Barletta includes an upgraded stereo with top-tier speakers, sub, and amp built-in standard on the Reserve and the Lusso.



When it comes to features, think back to that BMW comparison.  Within the different tiers, you will find some features come standard and some are deemed as options.  When it comes to the Reserve, standards are plentiful.  From air conditioning at the helm to an articulating top with sunroof, this series will offer the most features of all.  


What’s great about Barletta pontoons is that options are far and few between within all series.  For instance, the Lusso includes in-floor cooler and anchor storage compartments as well as fender holders and a raised fuel fill among many more standard features.


Comparatively, the Corsa and Cabrio have the same easy access center fuel fill; it's just not elevated like on the Lusso.  Just the same, the Lusso has a taller exterior body with larger framing rails and stainless accents that emulate jewelry on the exterior of the boat.


The Aria mimics the Cabrio in many aspects such as the standard electric bimini and pet-friendly features.  Again, you will find anything a boater could possibly need within this series, at the most affordable price point offered. 


As we move toward the price points below the Lusso, you will find the same attention to detail in the overall exterior design with fewer high-end accents.  Does this ring a bell?


If you’ve ever shopped for a vehicle you can understand the trim levels that are offered at different price points.  Many times, there is also a difference in the type of engine you will find within different series under the same brand. 



It should go without saying that bigger engines have bigger price tags.  This is true within any industry I've ever shopped and it’s no different with outboard motors.  As we go up in price point for the series, it’s typical to have the horsepower offering go up as well.


What I mean is, it’s not unusual to find the more expensive boats in the lineup, such as the Reserve, Lusso, and Corsa, have 350-450 horsepower engines.  These motors will be higher in price than say a 150 horsepower motor.


Barletta engineered the Cabrio and the Aria with that in mind.  These two series are built to be functional and meet the performance needs of the typical family day on the water.  Depending on the floorplan, the maximum for the Cabrio is 250HP and the max for the Aria is 200HP.


Whether you’re tubing, heading to the sandbar for a swim, or stopping at your favorite beach for lunch, the horsepower offerings are more than sufficient for the price point.


Something for Everyone

Now that you’ve got the details on what separates each series, I hope that you find the Barletta that speaks to you.  As I mentioned before, the DNA runs through the entire brand so you’re not missing out on what makes Barletta great no matter which one you choose.


You can expect the most standard features, quality construction, convenience built-in, amenities for everyone (even the fur babies), a top-tier dealer network that was carefully selected, and dependable service from Barletta themselves which includes a warranty like none-other.  That’s the Barletta DNA and with that, any Barletta you choose is the best one.     

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