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Olivia Hudak

By: Olivia Hudak on January 30th, 2023

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The Barletta Aria: What is it and Who’s it For?

If you’ve been shopping for a new pontoon, you might have run across the ALL-NEW Barletta Aria series. Described as the first step into luxury, this model is perfect for those looking for a price-conscious option without sacrificing great quality. The Barletta Aria could be the perfect boat for you and your family this upcoming boat season.


The Aria is built with the same DNA that is found across the board for all Barletta models. Quality and performance were at the top of the list when this boat was constructed. The goal of the Aria is to be the perfect price-conscious boat for families looking for a budget-friendly option without having to worry about sacrifice when it comes to craftsmanship.


The Aria was carefully crafted to sell at a lower price while maintaining the same Barletta DNA that everyone knows and loves. Be sure to head over to your local dealer or boat show to see an Aria for yourself. 


For now, I can describe to you what separates the Aria from other Barletta models. This article will help you to understand what defines this series and whether or not this is the boat for you. Let’s get to it, what makes the Barletta Aria series special?

[Aria Walkthrough Video]


I know what you’re probably thinking, what features does the Aria have and what separates it from the Cabrio series? As a price-conscious boat, the Aria will not have quite as many standards as the higher priced, Cabrio models. With that, I want you to remember that the Aria is built with the same quality that makes every Barletta special. 


From the floor down, the Aria is constructed exactly like the Cabrio.  This includes a hybrid chassis with I-beams mixed in.  VIP Technology for a rattle-free ride and the same gauge aluminum nosecones just to name a few. At this price point, the construction is unheard of. 


Another great feature that is a standard across the board for all Barletta boats is the power bimini. We have carried this feature on from our highest-end models to our budget-friendly models. The power bimini makes time on the water easy and fun. 


Now, let’s go over some of the features that are found on the Cabrio and not on the Aria. This will help differentiate the two series. It will also help new customers decide whether or not those select features and designs are necessary for their boating experience.


To start, the Aria is limited to a single exterior color. Unlike the other Barletta series where accent colors are available, the Aria will have a single-panel color. You are not limited in your color choices as the exterior colors available are the same as those on the Cabrio. You can also choose black or silver rails on your Aria boat. 


Something else that sets the two series apart is the elevated helm on the Cabrio which is not included with the Aria. Some buyers might enjoy the elevated helm, however, if you’re someone who can live without it, the Aria is a great option.


Regarding the Aria helm, you will find two gauges and a Lowrance Hook-4 fish/depth finder, a tilt steering wheel, along with stainless steel switches, radio controls with Bluetooth, and a cell phone holder with a USB and USB-C charging port. One of the main differences being it’s not a wireless phone charger as found on the Cabrio. 


Of course, pet-friendly features will be found on all Barletta boats. We could never produce a boat that wasn’t accommodating for our best furry friends. With that being said, the Aria has pet dishes built into the helm and Doggie Dockview gates at the bow and the port side gates. They are similar to the Cabrio’s with a slightly different aesthetic look. 


Finally, and to a lot of people, most importantly, what size motor can you get on an Aria? On the Aria Tritoon 20’s, you can go up to a Mercury 150 horsepower engine. On the Aria Tritoon 22’s you can get up to a Mercury 200 horsepower engine. Think about this when making the decision on what size motor you need for your boat. 


There are a few other features that are not mentioned above that will be found in the Cabrio series and not the Aria series such as the stow-away table located in the front chaise lounge. Aside from those few items, the Aria does include all the features a boater needs with a few extra added bonuses. Check out an Aria for yourself if this boat sounds like the ideal boat for you and your family. 



Since the Aria is a price-conscious boat, the design is slightly simpler than that of the Cabrio. There are certain design aspects that greatly differentiate the two boats from one another. To start, let’s take a look at the Ultra-Lounge on both boats. 


The Aria’s Ultra-Lounge is slightly modified to feature every seating position beside the rear-facing. Because of this, it is different from the typical Ultra-Lounge that is found on the other Barletta models. 

Aria 22UC


They are different styles but no matter which you prefer, they are both great quality and comfortable. Check both out in person at your local dealership to see which one you prefer for your next boat. 


Aside from the U-Lounge, there are other design features that have been altered between the two series. The extended swim deck is a hair shorter than the aft deck found in other series. This makes the overall deck length on the Aria’s a bit shorter. 


The Aria is meant for simplicity with the undertone of quality craftsmanship. Because of that, only one interior color option is available for these boats. The color option available is Marino Gray furniture and Tessa Gray flooring. The combination fits perfectly together.


One design feature that is found on the Aria that adds a great deal of style to the interior of the boat is the rescinded cup holders and speakers in the bow chaise lounges. This design eliminates the need for removable cup holders that take up space on the furniture.


Because the Aria is the price-conscious option within the Barletta lineup, it does have a simpler rail design that is still quite an eye-catcher. Some people don’t care much about the design of a boat but more so about the quality and the ride. If you fall into this category, head to your local dealer to check out the Barletta Aria.



As part of the Barletta DNA pledge, each series offers the most standard features of its competitors. Although many great things come standard on the Aria, there are still a few things that you can have upgraded. 


One upgrade option that is a hot option is the Hook 5 depth/fish finder or the Simrad Chartplotter. These systems are usually far and above the needs of a typical recreational boater, however, they are a nice asset if you fish a lot or explore large bodies of water.


Some other options that are available for Aria include the RGB lighting package, the pedestal table with yeti-ready cupholders, and seat covers. These are the options available for all Aria models. 


Everything else on the boat comes standard. Check with your local Barletta dealer on what kind of options are necessary to make the Aria the perfect boat for you. It could be your dream boat in no time. 


See an Aria for Yourself

The Barletta Aria was crafted to be the most affordable Barletta yet. It doesn’t lack any of the components that make Barletta’s ride unique from our competitors. The construction of the boat is still the high-class quality that every Barletta is known for. 


If the Aria seems like the ideal boat for you and your family, head over to your local Barletta dealer. See what the new Barletta model is like with your own eyes sooner rather than later. Be ready to hit the water with your new boat as soon as the weather flips this spring. 


About Olivia Hudak

Avid boater and Barletta Boats team member, Olivia is no stranger to the water. She was on the MSU wake team through college and continues to ride the wake in her spare time.