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Olivia Hudak

By: Olivia Hudak on February 10th, 2023

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The Barletta Reserve: The Most Innovative Pontoon Boat Yet

When it comes to boats, you may know that there are countless types available for recreational boating. This includes things like cruising the shoreline of your lake or taking the kids tubing, not spending the week on a yacht off the coast of Capri.


The type of boats that are popular for these kinds of activities are cabin cruisers, deck boats, pontoon boats, the list goes on. But what if you’re craving something more exotic? A sunset cruiser that encompasses that yacht experience off the coast of Capri maybe?


Some say it’s where fantasy and reality intersect. It's not something that’s been done before but Barletta has achieved exactly that with its new series, the Reserve.


The new Barletta Reserve is hitting dealer lots in 2023 and it’s everything you’ve been waiting for. The newest Barletta series is the most innovative, elegant, and intricate design the pontoon world has seen yet. Because of this, it is considered the flagship series within the lineup. 


The Reserve was crafted with Barletta DNA at the front line. This boat was designed to take everything that Barletta is known for and elevate it to the highest level. It is the most elegantly crafted Barletta to date. 


The Reserve has upgraded features that make this boat the most luxurious pontoon on the market. If you’re looking for unmatched standards and a futuristic design, the Reserve is the boat for you. Every piece of this vessel is crafted to the highest degree of perfection.


If this is sounding like the perfect boat for you, let’s get a little more in-depth about what exactly makes this boat so special. These are the details that make this boat live up to the hype.

High-Class Features

When it comes to thoughtful standard features, Barletta has set the bar from day one. From built-in pet dishes to the stow-away table, every inch of every Barletta is built with you and your family in mind. The Reserve has taken these features and added to them. 


Built on the most robust chassis that Barletta has to offer, you can expect the smoothest and quietest ride on the Reserve. There was no compromise in the craftsmanship of this series. That’s something all Barlettas are known for no matter which segment you’re looking at.   


One big thing that sets the Reserve apart from other Barlettas and other pontoon brands are the onboard features that come standard. The boat is built with the highest-grade amenities available to ensure luxury and elegance are found in every aspect of the boat.


The exterior is built out of a new composite material which is quite a change from traditional aluminum and fiberglass pontoon boats. This composite exterior has a strong and unique design that incorporates refined, muscular lines and an ultra-chic form. It sets the tone for the boat’s aesthetic and will have heads turning when you cruise across the water.


Another exterior aspect to consider is the color-matched motor. This is unique to the Reserve series as no other Barlettas have this feature. The matching engine complements the flow of the exterior design and rounds off the high-end look.


Next, and possibly most notably, the telescoping convertible hard top stands out from afar. Barletta hand-crafted this tower that can ascend and descend with the push of a button. It also has an easy-to-open convertible top so you can enjoy the sunshine or pull it closed for shade.


The telescoping convertible hard top is unique to Barletta within the pontoon space and adds to the sleek profile of the boat. This innovative alternative to the typical pontoon bimini is a show-stopper. 




Now let’s talk about the Omni 360-View Camera System. Another distinctive feature that sets this boat apart from other pontoons. The camera system has four onboard cameras that are located in the bow, stern, port, and starboard of the boat.


These cameras can give the driver spatial awareness when parking a boat or pulling tubers/skiers. This is a luxury feature that once used, you’ll never be able to go back to a boat without it.


When it comes to electronics, the Reserve sets the bar. This boat is equipped with a fully-immersed Harman Kardon Sound System and upgraded electronics. The sound system is top of its class and produces unmatched sound.  


Along with those stand-out features, you will find a Cool-Breeze fan vent built into the helm and a touchscreen dashboard where most of your controls can be found. Pair these luxury amenities with the beloved Barletta DNA, and you’ve got a fully-loaded boat. 


It’s important to know that these features are unlike anything else found within competing brands. It’s amenities such as these that take your on-water experience to a new level especially when it comes to pontoon boats.


Striking Designs

Part of what makes the Barletta Reserve so unique is the design from bow to stern. Let’s start on the exterior of the boat. The composite exterior is designed with refined lines that give the boat a powerful and elegant appearance from the outside. The exterior is accented with stainless steel pieces that act as jewelry to the overall look.


Along with the show-stopping design of the exterior, the color options are just as elegant. You have the option of two different exterior colors. You can choose from Prismatic Blue with black accents or Anthracite Gray with black accents. Both encapsulate the exceptional design of this vessel.


Reserve 34 Bow (web)Reserve_G8A0986






As we move to the interior of the boat, you have the choice of three Reserve exclusive furniture packages. The packages are Linen with Carmella, Linen with Charcoal, and Marqesan Gray with Charcoal. You won’t find these beautiful color combinations on any other boat. 


The furniture color goes hand in hand with the flooring options available. There are two flooring options to pick from which are paired with the interior color package to ensure elegance. These are called Amore and Varano and will depend on which interior color package you chose. 


The Reserve is offered in two different floorplans which are the most innovative and diverse floorplans available on the market today. You can get a Reserve in the Ultra-Lounge model or the Meridian model. Both options give you a ton of different seating arrangements. 


Possibly the most eye-catching feature on the boat is the helm. Unique to the Reserve is an all-glass touchscreen dash which I mentioned above. The full glass dash plays into the futuristic look and feel of this series. The dash and helm area take the entire design of the boat to a new level.


Throughout the boat, you will find RGB lights strategically placed in cup holders, speakers, and around the tower. These lights come with the capability to change the color at a touch of a button. 


To round off the high-end design, you will find yacht-inspired hardware throughout the boat. To understand the beauty and thought behind the design of this series, you’ll have to see it to believe it. 


Options and Upgrades Available

Since the Reserve is crafted to be the most luxurious boat yet, there are not many options and upgrades as it is equipped with the highest level features. There are a few options you can choose from to enhance your boating experience to an even higher degree.


Most importantly for those boating in saltwater, the Reserve is available in a Coastal Edition. This includes things like underwater anodes and stainless steel furniture bases. This is necessary if you boat in saltwater. 


You can choose between a 350 horsepower Mercury or a 400 horsepower Mercury motor. Both motors are great options but if you’re looking for a few extra MPH to move across the water, you may want to opt for the bigger motor


Next, a few interior options are available. You can choose a bolster seat for the captain’s chair. If you are looking to sit up a little bit higher, this might be a nice feature to have. A changing room and a pedestal table are both available as well. 


Those are the options available for the Barletta Reserve. This boat is built to be the highest-class pontoon yet which means luxurious standards and minimal options.


Check Out the Barletta Reserve

The Reserve is the most innovatively built and luxuriously equipped pontoon yet. It was crafted to achieve excellence through quality, design, and elegance. The final product is nothing short of that. 


If this boat is something that you’ve been looking for, Barletta is here to help. First, check out the model information on the Reserve website to see what I’m talking about first-hand. If you’re interested in taking the next steps, Barletta has a concierge waiting to help.


The Reserve will be featured at a select number of boat shows for the 2023 show season. Reach out to your local Barletta dealer to see if they will have one at their show or in their showroom this year. There will be limited availability for 2023.


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About Olivia Hudak

Avid boater and Barletta Boats team member, Olivia is no stranger to the water. She was on the MSU wake team through college and continues to ride the wake in her spare time.