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Learn everything you need to know about pontoon boat ownership through videos, blogs, and more. 

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Top 5 Places to Boat in Indiana

Are you looking to visit beautiful lakes in Indiana that are meant for boating? Check out these 5 motorboat-friendly lakes to spend some time on this ...

6 min read


The Beautiful Barletta Arch

A close up look at the construction and operation of the beautiful, heavy-duty arches on Barletta's Lusso and Corsa models.


Top 5 Lakes in Michigan for Recreational Boating

Are you looking for the perfect place to drop your boat in Michigan? These 5 lakes are great for a day on the water no matter what type of boat you ...

6 min read


The Industry's Best Pontoon Chassis

Barletta Boat Company's VP of Sales, Jeff Haradine, give a detailed look into the expertly engineered Barletta pontoon boat chassis.


Boat Safety Gear: Top 10 Items

Safety should be your first priority as a boater.  Here’s a checklist of the must-have safety equipment to have on board your boat at all times.

8 min read


What is Boat Gas? (Fuel for Thought)

Boat gas is a term that’s used broadly, but what is it? If you are filling up at the marina or taking gas cans into town, here’s what you should know.

5 min read