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Olivia Hudak

By: Olivia Hudak on February 2nd, 2023

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Barletta Boats Floorplans (Which is Best for You?)

If you’re familiar with buying recreational boats, you know that some pontoon brands have many (oftentimes, too many) options when it comes to floorplans that they offer.


At Barletta, we try to limit the number of options you have to sift through by crafting unique and versatile floorplans. I am here to help you understand what makes these floorplans unique from others.


First, it’s good to acknowledge that not every Barletta series will have the same floorplan offering. Each series has specific layouts although there is quite a bit of overlap between the entire lineups. 


Every Barletta is marked with a model designator that represents the floorplan. Each brand does this and these designators become an entire language of their own. This article will help you dissect that code and apply it to the different Barletta series. 


Model Designators

Before we get into the details of the different floorplans, let’s discuss the different letters in the floorplan designator. Each letter represents a different aspect of the layout of the boat. Here’s a list of the acronyms Barletta uses and their meaning.


U - Ultra-Lounge

UE - Ultra-Entertainer

Q - Quad-Lounge

SS - Sports Stern

M - Meridian-Lounge

CC - Cast ‘n’ Cruise

C - Co-captains Chair

A - Arch


As you can see, each letter represents a particular aspect of the layout of the boat. Now that you know what the letters stand for, let’s get into the specifics of each floorplan. 


Ultra-Lounge (U)

The Ultra-Lounge refers to the big lounge towards the stern of the boat. The Ultra-Lounge option is perfect for those who enjoy layout out in the sun but it’s also useful for cruising. That’s because it is multi-functional in that it can be manipulated into several different seating positions so that you can sit or lay comfortably in whichever direction you’d like.

The seats can be propped up so that you are able to sit facing forwards or rear-facing. It can also turn into a lounger in both directions and a full-on daybed. 


This setup is also great for time spent at the sandbar or anchored in the middle of the lake. It is so comfortable you could even take a nap if you’d like. The Ultra-Lounge is offered in all five series which are: Aria, Cabrio, Corsa, Lusso, and Reserve.


Here are a few photos to show the different ways the Ultra-lounge can be positioned:



[Video of Versatile Ultra-Lounge Positions]


Ultra-Entertainer (UE)

The Ultra-Entertainer floorplan is the Ultra-Lounge model with a bar-height table and chairs added in. The Ultra-Entertainer floorplan is great for people looking to entertain guests on their boat. You are able to sit at the bar table with friends and family to enjoy snacks, drinks, and game night, you name it.


Since it is paired with a slightly smaller Ultra-Lounge, you get the best of both worlds with this floorplan. You are able to enjoy a beautiful table with stationary stools and a multi-functional swing bench seat as well as the comfortable Ultra-Lounge that everyone knows and loves.


The Ultra-Entertainer is offered in three of the five series being: Cabrio, Corsa, and Lusso. Here are some photos of this layout:



Quad-Lounge (Q)

The Quad-Lounge is a more traditional pontoon layout that’s been around for a while. The rails wrap around the rear of the boat hugging the furniture. It has chaise-lounges that are rear-facing on the stern and a walkthrough path between.


There are also chaise-lounges on the front of the boat mirroring the stern. This floorplan is great for families and friends that will often have a group out on the boat together. Everyone can have a chaise lounge that makes for a comfortable ride out on the water.


The layout is also favorable for families or those with animals. The way the rails wrap around the front and back of the boat help keep wandering kids and pets inside. There is also a gate between both the front and rear lounges.


The Quad-Lounge is offered in four of the five series being: Aria, Cabrio, Corsa, and Lusso. 


Here are a few photos of the Quad-Lounge to show what it looks like:



Sports Stern (SS)

The Sports Stern is a floorplan that is only available within the Quad-Lounge offerings in the Corsa and Lusso models, let me explain. Every Lusso Quad-Lounge floorplan is designed with the Sports Stern standard. This is optional on Corsa Quad-Lounges.  


This is because instead of wrapping the rail completely around the boat, the rear of the seats is exposed. The stern is intentionally designed with a sporty aesthetic and accentuates the speakers on the stern.


This is a great option for boaters who love watersports. These speakers on the rear of the stern chaise lounges face whoever is skiing or wakeboarding behind the boat. It is also great for playing music at the sandbar with everyone hanging out in the water.


The Sports Stern has a very unique look to it. Check out some images below to see what it would look like if you were to decide this is something you’re interested in. 



Meridian-Lounge (M)

The Meridian-Lounge floorplan is Barletta’s newest and most innovative floorplan to date. It’s the intersection of the Ultra-Lounge and the Quad-Lounge layouts. If you like certain aspects of both, you may need to consider the Meridian-Lounge for your next boat. 


The seats in the stern of the boat are able to be configured in different ways so that you can sit or lounge in whichever direction is comfortable for you. The seats can also lay totally flat for optimal relaxation.


This floorplan also features a table in the stern of the boat between the chaise lounges that can flip up for easy maneuverability around the boat. No longer do you have to crawl and squeeze around the tables on the boat. 


The Meridian-Lounge is offered in the Reserve and Lusso series. Here are a few pictures of this innovative floorplan:

ML award (2)M25ML_G8A1328-1M25ML_G8A1365


Cast-N-Cruise (CC)

I’m sure you can guess what kind of features are found on the Cast-N-Cruise. With this floorplan, you’ll find a fishing center with tackle trays and rod holders. You’ll also find a large, aerated live well on the starboard side of the boat. 


This is a pontoon boat that’s made for fishing. For those interested in the comfortability of a pontoon with all the amenities needed to fish, this may be the perfect combination for you.


There are two captain’s chairs on each side of the stern that swivel for maximum casting ability. Equally as comfy, the chaise lounges in the bow of the boat are perfect for lounging when not fishing. 

The Cast-N-Cruise is offered only in the Cabrio series. Here are a few photos of this unique floorplan:



Co-Captain’s Chair (C)

Although this is not a floorplan on its own, it’s important to talk about the co-captain chair. Most, not all, floorplans come with the option to get a co-captain's chair in place of the port chaise. This is a great option for couples who are often the only ones on the boat together. They can sit side-by-side which makes conversation very comfortable.


You will know which models offer this option if there’s a “C” added to the model designator. For example, a Lusso 25UC is the Ultra-Lounge model with the addition of the co-captain’s chair.  


Arch (A)

This is another model designator that is not a model on its own. The “A” mixed into the acronym signifies that the model has an arch. These models can only be found in the Corsa and Lusso series. The Barletta arch is comparable to a tower that is typically found on a tow boat. 


Arches are great for anyone looking for a sporty yet elegant look. They are also perfect if you want to do a lot of wakeboarding behind your pontoon. An arch will replace the standard bimini found on Barletta's and cannot be added after the boat is built as it’s considered part of the structure of the boat. 


Check out these images of both Corsa and Lusso Arches. The two do have slight differences because of the difference in series.


                         [Corsa Arch]                                                                                          [Lusso Arch]   



Up first on our list of Barletta series is the Aria. The Aria is limited to two floorplans as of right now. You are able to get both floorplans in the 20 ft. option and the 22 ft. option. 


The available floorplans in the Aria series are:

  • 20QC
  • 20UC
  • 22QC
  • 22UC


The Aria is only offered with a co-captain’s chair in both floorplans. You can choose from the Quad-Lounge or a modified version of the Ultra-Lounge. Both are great options that you are able to pick from when designing your dream boat.



In the Cabrio series, you have a number of layouts to choose from. The Cabrio series is offered in lengths of 20 ft., 22 ft., and 24 ft. You can choose from multiple options of floorplans if you decide a Cabrio the right boat for you.


You can get the following floorplans in the Cabrio series:

  • 20Q
  • 20QC
  • 20UC
  • 22Q
  • 22QC
  • 22UC
  • 22U
  • 22CC
  • 24Q
  • 24QC
  • 24UC
  • 24CC
  • 24UE


Since all of these floorplans are very versatile, there is likely to be one that works for you and your family. To check out some of these floorplans, head to your local Barletta dealer. The Cabrio series has options for everyone.



Next on the list is the Corsa series. The Corsa is known as our sportiest option and the floorplans available add to that feel. The Corsa is available in a number of different sizes. These boats are available in lengths of 21 ft., 23 ft., and 25 ft. With those different lengths, you can pick from a number of different floorplans.


The available floorplans in the Corsa series are:

  • 21Q
  • 21QC
  • 21UC
  • 23Q
  • 23QA
  • 23QSS
  • 23QSSA
  • 23QC
  • 23QCA
  • 23QCA
  • 23QCSS
  • 23QCSSA
  • 23U
  • 23UA
  • 23UC
  • 23UCA
  • 25Q
  • 25QA
  • 25QSS
  • 25QSSA
  • 25QC
  • 25QCSS
  • 25QCSSA
  • 25U
  • 25UC
  • 25UCA
  • 25UE
  • 25UEA


These floorplans have features for everyone. You can decide what features you like the most when designing your own boat. One of these layouts is likely to be perfect for you and your family. 



The Lusso series is known for its high-end luxury features and aesthetic. It is offered in lengths of 23 ft. and 25 ft. which allows for plenty of room for everyone on board. The floorplans available utilize the space in an effective manner.


The available floorplans in the Lusso series are: 

  • 23QSS
  • 23QSSA
  • 23QCSS
  • 23QCSSA
  • 25QSS
  • 25QSSA
  • 25QCSS
  • 25QCSSA
  • 23U
  • 23UA
  • 23UC
  • 23UCA
  • 25U
  • 25UA
  • 25UC
  • 25UCA
  • 25UE
  • 25UEA
  • 25M
  • 25MA


Every single floorplan is crafted with high-end features and designs to add to the luxury of the Lusso. Be sure to check out some of these floorplans in person to understand what makes them so unique. 



Finally, we get to the Reserve floorplan offerings. As Barletta’s flagship series, the design, and elegance of this boat is unmatched. Everything about the Reserve is unlike any other boat. Since the Reserve is so unique, it is offered in a single length of 26 ft. To keep the design and elegance at the highest level, the Reserve is offered in two popular floorplans.


The available floorplans for the Reserve are:

  • 26UC
  • 26M


These two floorplans are very popular and provide versatility for everyone on board. If you are interested in the Reserve for your next boat, check out these floorplans. Though only two are offered, they are the most accommodating and innovative floorplans to date.


A Floorplan For Everyone

Barletta has five different series for you to check out. There is a boat for everyone in this lineup with floorplans that accommodate any pontoon boater’s needs. Although there are fewer options to sift through than most brands offer, we’re confident in the versatility of each model.


Now that the code has been dissected, you can understand what each model stands for when shopping for a Barletta. The designator of the floorplan will tell you what the layout is. Check out some of these floorplans in person at your local Barletta dealer. Though they likely don’t have every single option in stock, they will be able to help you find your perfect pontoon. 



About Olivia Hudak

Avid boater and Barletta Boats team member, Olivia is no stranger to the water. She was on the MSU wake team through college and continues to ride the wake in her spare time.