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Olivia Hudak

By: Olivia Hudak on February 23rd, 2023

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The Best Boat Towels: 4 Options to Consider

As someone who spends many summer days on the boat, I know the importance of having a good towel with me. Whether I plan on jumping in the lake or not, I make sure to bring l on board every time I go out


There are several reasons I make sure to bring a towel with me. The biggest is that I cannot stand the feeling of the vinyl seats, especially when they’re hot from sitting in the sun. Now granted, I have an old wakeboard boat and the seats have wear and tear, but regardless, I would prefer to sit on a towel.


Next, if it starts getting cool out, towels double as a blanket. I always bring lots of towels when heading out for a sunset cruise. Many times it cools down immediately following sundown so it’s nice to wrap yourself in a dry towel to keep warm.


If you plan to get in the water at all, you’ll want to be prepared with at least one towel, maybe two. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your boat without a towel after jumping into the lake to cool off.


Regardless of what you plan to do on the boat, I recommend having a towel with you. It makes the entire trip much easier and more comfortable. If you’re shopping around for boat towels, I’m here to help. Let’s go through the different kinds of towels to figure out which towel is best for every adventure you take on your boat.


Traditional Towels

What first comes to mind when you think of a boat/beach towel? Let me guess, a soft brightly colored towel that is larger than an average bath towel. These are typical beach towels and come in all sizes and colors.


Traditional towels are typically very soft and great for drying off. These are a popular choice for many different occasions. Boating is one activity that requires a towel or two and traditional beach towels have been popular for years.


These towels come in many shapes and sizes to make them perfect for everyone. They come in many different styles and designs as well so it’s likely you’ll find at least one that will work for you. 


Although traditional towels are popular for a reason, there are a few things that may steer you away from them. To start, because they are thick and soft, they often retain water for a longer period. If you spend time at the beach, you’ll likely be taking some sand home with you in this towel. 


However, that’s the price you have to pay for the soft comfort of a traditional towel. When picking your towel for the upcoming boating season, consider a traditional towel.


Microfiber Towels

Microfiber is one option that has become quite popular among boaters in recent years. What I have found is that you either love or hate microfiber towels. These towels are great to have onboard whether you use them for drying off or cleaning the boat.


Microfiber towels are made with small synthetic fibers that are all individually smaller than a thread of silk. Because of the way these towels are made, they are extremely absorbent, durable, and fast-drying. All of these things are great attributes for a boat towel. 


Not to mention these towels are quite the style piece. The great thing about these towels is that they don’t fade or look “used” for a very long time. They stay bright and beautiful as if they are brand new for long periods. 


Since these towels are so absorbent, you can use them to dry off after getting in the water. They work great for drying off but also, but they are fast-drying themselves. This means that after you dry off, you won’t have to sit on a wet towel all day long. Having to use a wet towel for the rest of the day is the worst. 


The only downside to microfiber towels is the texture. These towels have a different feel to them that some people don’t like. If the texture doesn’t bother you, microfiber towels might be the perfect towels to take out on the boat with you this summer

Turkish Towels

Turkish towels have been gaining popularity around the globe as a new take on beach towels. These towels are unique in the fact that they look almost like a blanket rather than a towel. 


They get their name because most of them are made in Turkey. They are crafted with special Turkish cotton that makes these towels so unique. Turkish cotton is different because it has long, durable fibers that prevent the formation of bacteria.


For a product that is constantly used for drying off, the prevention of bacteria is important. As long as you keep your towel washed, you will be good to go. With each wash, they also become softer and more absorbent.


Oftentimes, Turkish towels will have special patterns that are unique to Turkish culture woven in. These patterns are popular because of their unique look.


This is a fun new boat towel that you should consider and also couples as a great beach towel as they hold onto sand far less than a typical towel.


Waffle Knit Towels

Waffle knit towels are similar to Turkish towels but instead of being the same texture, the pattern looks similar to waffles. These small pockets throughout the towel aid in the drying process.


These towels are upgraded in the sense that the pockets help to absorb the water faster. The pockets also help the water evaporate faster allowing the towel to dry quickly. A fast-drying towel is a must-have when you’re out on the boat so this might be a top choice for you.


Along with being great towels, they also come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. If this towel seems like the perfect fit for you, be sure to check them out. 


Which Towel Will You Pick?

With all the options of towels for your next boating adventure, it may be hard to pick which one is best for you. However, I hope this article helped narrow down your decision to be something you need and want.


Since all these towels come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, you can’t go wrong. And, keep in mind that if you decide you don’t love the towel you choose, you could always donate them to your local animal shelter. 


Head on over to the store before summer’s here to pick out the perfect towel for many days of boating. Having your towel collection ahead of time, you’ll be prepared for the boating season. 

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