VIP Barletta Performance


Patent Pending, Vibration Isolation Pad technology provides a filler where the cross members are mounted to the risers. Designed to virtually eliminate any rattle or vibration you might experience when like metals are fastened together.
Wave Tamer
Full Length Wave Tamers

As your Barletta Pontoon Boat slices through the waves, most of the spray will be knocked down by our extruded spray fins, one on each side of the toons. Those that survive won't get past the Wave Tamers. Offering a smoother, drier ride.

Barletta Lifting Strakes Performance
Lifting Strakes

Two stage lifting strakes - invasive species flush: If you want performance, Barletta Pontoon Boats will give you just that. Our unique, two-stage lifting strakes will get you on top of the water quickly and get you in and out of the corners like a pro.

Keel Strips Barletta Performance
Full Length Keel Strips

Whether beaching your pontoon boat for a relaxing day on the water, or hitting the occasional submerged obstruction, you can rest assured that these strips will help protect the integrity of the bottom of your tubes.

Full Belly Skin BArletta Performance
Full Belly Skin

At Barletta, full belly skin is a standard on all tri-toon models. Two advantages...first, with no exposed wood, you're underdeck structure is protected from the water and the elements. Secondly, you won't have water splashing up against your crossmembers that will negatively affect performance.

Nose Cone _ Barletta Performance
Heavy Duty Nose Cones

Our nosecones will slice through the roughest of chop with ease. We build our nose cones a bit shorter in length to provide more surface area on the tubes, allowing for increased water displacement. Extruded splash fins will knock down the waves to keep you and your family dry. One of the smoothest rides on the water.

Extended Motor Pod

Our extended motor pod offers two (2) distinct advantages...first, we've eliminated the need for engine tilt restrictors. Our engine cowelings will not hit our tube-tow bar. Secondly, and more importantly, our extended pods provide BETTER performance by providing cleaner water management for the propeller