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Barletta Pontoon Boats FAQ



Your dealer should always be your first of contact for all service inquiries including warranty repairs.  For more information on your manufacturer warranty, please visit:


You can request to download virtual brochure or you can request to have a brochure mailed to you here: https://www.barlettapontoonboats.com/request/brochure/

For parts and Barletta boat accessories such as the ottoman cooler, pillows to match the furniture or the flagpole kit, please see your dealer and they can order these for you. 

For Barletta gear for the family and the dog, please visit our apparel site: https://www.promoplace.com/224815

Yes!  Join the Barletta Pontoon Boats Owner’s Group on Facebook.  Model number, model year and HIN required.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Barlettapontoonboatowners/

No, Barletta Pontoon Boats is the manufacturer.  We rely on our dealer partners for sales and service. Find your nearest dealer here: https://www.barlettapontoonboats.com/find-a-dealer/

We recommend discussing trailer options with your dealer.  They will have great insight into what type of trailer you will need based on projected usage and area of travel.

Gear for the family and the pets on our apparel webpage: https://www.promoplace.com/224815

In our Document Center under Electronic and Entertainment: https://www.barlettapontoonboats.com/owners/document-center/

Check out our how-to video here: https://youtu.be/rDYurlwbIEM

See other how-to videos here: https://www.barlettapontoonboats.com/owners/how-to-videos/

Check out our how-to video on how to operate the bimini:

Check out our how-to video on how to operate the power arch with bimini here: https://youtu.be/CDoBeTbIWW4

Barletta L-Class pontoon boats come standard with 2 fender baskets in the stern of the boat, surrounding the engine well. You can order these for the E-Class and the C-Class by contacting your selling dealer. The size fender they accommodate is 8.5” diameter, or smaller (but won’t fit as tightly as the 8.5”)

Check out our how-to video here: https://youtu.be/syQZZonDwOQ

The RGB lighting control only changes the interior lighting. The underwater and under deck lights are white all the time. This was a conscious decision made by Barletta Pontoon Boats, taking into account all the varying, and increasingly more strict, regulations concerning exterior/interior lighting while boating. While we believe the white lighting is the best choice for exterior lights, we recommend checking with your local authorities to fully understand the rules and regulations in place where you boat!

The USB station on the helm allows a phone to connect AND charge simultaneously.

Brand HP Minimum Octane
Mercury           0-150 87
Mercury 220-225 V-6 87
Mercury 250-300 V-8 87
Mercury 200-225 Pro Verado          87
Mercury 250-300 Pro Verado 87 (Possible Low Performance)        
Mercury 250-300 Pro Verado 91 (Premium Performance) 
Mercury 350-400 Verado 89 (Possible Low Performance)
Mercury 350-400 Verado 91 (Premium Performance)
Yamaha 0-250 87
Yamaha  300-350 89

*Fuels containing more than 10% Ethanol should not be used

** Fuels containing lead or lead additives should not be used

Please see our Document Center 

Yes, you should always turn the switch off when done for the day.

Consult your dealer for assistance in resolving.

We have a couple of troubleshooting sheets located on www.barlettapontoonboats.com in the Owner’s Section.  If these do not resolve the issue, please consult your dealer for assistance.

The Ski Tow Bar is designed to tow one person/one towable device.  Not to be used for towing anything other than watersports accessories. 

Docking Mode is a Mercury feature that allows for a reduced power mode when activated, allowing docking to be easier/safer at lower speeds.

Your Hull ID Number is stamped into the Starboard Aft motor pan area, right next to the rubrail above the motor pan.

Exterior cleaning recommendations are listed on www.barlettapontoonboats.com in the Owner’s Section.

The boat should be washed thoroughly after each use.  Additionally, the lifting strakes should be rinsed using the built in flush port, and the outboard motor should be flushed per the engine manufacturers recommendations.

Consult your authorized Sea-Legs dealer for these recommendations.

While both types of lifts are acceptable, the lift that provides the most support is always ideal.  Lift deigns may vary depending on your area, so it’s best to consult your dealer.

Charging your batteries should be done with the battery switch in the “Off” position.  Be sure to use a charger that is compatible with the type of battery your dealer installed in your boat. 

Fuel gauge readings can bounce due to rougher water conditions and lower fuel levels.  The lower the fuel level, the more room in the tank to allow fuel to slosh and create erratic fuel readings. 

The boarding ladder has more than adequate weight capacity for one person.

Barletta Boats do not come equipped with a Satellite Tuner/Antenna.  These items need to be installed and then the Satellite system needs to be activated through your provider.  Tuner/Antenna kits are available through your dealer or on the web.

Give it about 15 seconds and try again.  The issue could be voltage related, so if your boat is equipped with dual batteries, try switching to the “Combine” setting and retry.  If that doesn’t resolve, please consult your dealer.

The dish can be removed and then the tracks can be snugged up a bit to prevent it from opening while underway.  Best to consult your dealer on proper techniques. 

Prop selection varies by engine and boat models.  If you’re concerned you don’t have the correct propeller installed, consult your dealer and they can confirm the correct propeller.

The bilge pumps are located in the ski locker and the anchor/cooler storage. The pumps have a built in wet switch so they will operate automatically when water is present. The discharge tube is located above the toon and covered by the underbelly.

You can purchase the Barletta flag pole kit which includes the flag from any Barletta dealer.  The size of the flag itself is 16''X24''.

Check out the Engine and Power Steering section on our document center for engine manuals: https://www.barlettapontoonboats.com/owners/document-center/


Check out Mercury's help center: https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/service-and-support 

Check out Yamaha's maintenance page: https://maintenance.yamahaoutboards.com/  

The transfer button comes along with the throttle from Mercury. It's used for boats with dual helm controls such as a boat with a flybridge. Since we've only got one helm on each boat, it's just a dud button.