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Barletta Pontoon Boats FAQ


Does the RGB control the underwater lights and below deck (side) lights or are they white all the time?

The RGB lighting control only changes the interior lighting. The underwater and under deck lights are white all the time. This was a conscious decision made by Barletta Pontoon Boats, taking into account all the varying, and increasingly more strict, regulations concerning exterior/interior lighting while boating. While we believe the white lighting is the best choice for exterior lights, we recommend checking with your local authorities to fully understand the rules and regulations in place where you boat!


Does the USB station on the helm connect to the stereo AND charge or just connect to the radio?

The USB station on the helm allows a phone to connect AND charge simultaneously


Octane Fuel for Engines
Brand HP Minimum Octane
Mercury           0-150 87
Mercury 220-225 V-6 87
Mercury 250-300 V-8 87
Mercury 200-225 Pro Verado          87
Mercury 250-300 Pro Verado 87 (Possible Low Performance)        
Mercury 250-300 Pro Verado 91 (Premium Performance) 
Mercury 350-400 Verado 89 (Possible Low Performance)
Mercury 350-400 Verado 91 (Premium Performance)
Yamaha 0-250 87
Yamaha  300-350 89


*Fuels containing more than 10% Ethanol should not be used

** Fuels containing lead or lead additives should not be used


Lift/Trailer Setup

Please see our Document Center 


What products are safe to clean the Lusso Ultra Soft Vinyl with?

To keep your Lusso Ultra Soft Barletta Pontoon Boat vinyl looking crisp and clean, follow the techniques below for best results. Please keep in mind, because of the ultra-soft Lusso vinyl and ultra-luxurious foam packs, some wrinkling is unavoidable and is to be expected.

Step 1: For light soiling, a solution of 10% mild soap and warm water, applied with a soft damp cloth. Rub gently and rinse with a water dampened cloth.

Step 2: For more difficult stains, dampen a soft white cloth with a solution of household bleach (10% bleach and 90% water). Rub gently and rinse with a water dampened cloth to remove bleach concentration.

For Disinfecting: Dampen a soft white cloth with a solution (5:1) of water and bleach. Rub gently and rinse with a water dampened cloth. Any of the following solutions may be used as a cleaning agent: • alcohol, water, and bleach (5:5:2) • bleach and water (1:5) • alcohol and water (1:1)


Please see our Document Center for more details on cleaning your vinyl and other areas of your Barletta Pontoon Boat.