Ashley Lizzi

Barletta Content Manager, 7+ years Manufacturer Marketing, Brand Management, Content Marketing, Customer Experience

Bristol, IN


Ashley is part of a growing team of boat enthusiasts.  She spends her time soaking up knowledge from marine experts at Barletta Pontoon Boats in order to educate boaters at all levels.
Starting her career in RV manufacturing, she and her team at Keystone RV developed the industry’s first customer experience division where they educated shoppers during the buying process. 
She then became a Brand Manager, growing eight different brands within the Keystone umbrella through content marketing.  Turning to her favorite personal pastime, boating, Ashley was offered the opportunity to work within the Marketing Department at Barletta Pontoon Boats.  There, she strives to educate shoppers about the pontoon industry and what’s best for them.
Aside from working in boats, Ashley, her husband Tony, and their dog Chunk love spending time on Lake Wawasee where they park their very own Barletta pontoon boat.  When off the water, her favorite hobby is cooking and entertaining friends and family.  She might make you laugh, she might make you cry, but she’ll definitely make you a sandwich. 


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